About us

Željka Tomi Ellie Jessie                  Ellie Željka Kia 


We are a small Border Collie kennel located in Kerestinec, near capital city of Croatia – Zagreb.

We are passionate about this fascinating breed, so our lives are completely changed since our first border collie came to our family.

We live in a house with a big yard and lots of fields around us, so we regulary go for long walks. Our dogs are full members of our family – they live in a house with us, they go wherever we go – including vacations and all kinds of trips. They are socialized for all kinds of situations.

We are aware that a border collie needs physical and mental activities, so we train our dogs in all kind of dog sports on a daily basis – we do Search and Rescue (S.A.R.), agility, frisbee, obedience, dog dancing (dog tricks) and sometimes we take hearding classes with them.


Željka & Kia                    Tomi Željka Jessie

Our goal

Our goal and ambition is to breed high quality border collies – healthy dogs with perfect easy-going temperament, dogs with a great will to please, energetic and active life companions who can do any kind of dog sports and also – dogs who have looks that can prove quality on conformation shows as well.

All of our breeding dogs are x-rayed (HD, ED, OCD), screened for all genetic diseases (DNA tested for CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1, IGS) and eye tested (CEA, PRA, KAT, RD, Glaucoma).


Ellie Lara Kia                            Željka & Jessie


Our puppies will be born and raised in our living area where they will get introduced with all kinds of everyday noises, scents, meet lots of different people, children, objects, different toys, car rides…

The puppies will leave us at the age of 8 or 9 weeks . They will be microchipped, dewormed, eye-examined, vaccinated, controlled by the breed warden. They will have a FCI pedigree and an EU pet passport. They will bring a puppy pack (toys, collar and leash, food, clicker…) to their new forever homes  and a folder with all their documents and informations for future owners to help with the first period of their new life.

All puppies will be sold with a contract with a breeder's health guarantee.

We want the best possible new forever homes for our puppies, so we will give them to a loving and active homes, to people who will care for their new family member through the whole dog’s life and who will work with them.


Jessie & Željka      Tomi & Jessie      Lara i Ellie CACIB Osijek

How it all began

When we saw a border collie for the first time in live, it was a love at the first sight. We started to study about the breed and we were in love even more. Honestly, we were really scared when we decided to buy our first border collie because we weren’t sure if we are the right people for that energetic breed.

So after a short time we came home with our first border collie girl – Jessie. She was super crazy energy bomb and super crazy smart. We taught her and she taught us and soon she became our heart and soul. We did all sorts of activities with her but based on dog dancing, obedience and S.A.R.

When Jessie was one year old, we bought a new border collie girl – Ellie. She was so gentle and sweet, but with a great will to please and energetic, too. They loved each other so much.

When Jessie was 2 years old, she got epilepsy that escalated half a year later when she had 17 seizures in one day. Nothing helped so we had to put her sleep – that was the hardest decision we had to make.

One year after that tragedy we decided it is time for a new family member, so Kia came in our lives and she brought so much joy and happiness! 

Through all this time we have learned so much about this breed, we studied bloodlines, health, looks, abilities... and we decided it is time for our first litter, so we established the InGold's kennel  with the aim of breeding a healthy, active, stable and beautiful border collies...


kia-3     ingolds-family    Dolce & Gabbana At Real Pearl Ellie